Food for the Spirit

La ChocoTia ceremonial grade cacao is raw and designed by mother nature to open the heart, nourish the mind and body, and uplift the spirit. Come discover what is precious and hidden. Find what is in need of healing and ready for revelation within your own heart. We are here in gratitude to make this journey as joyful and delicious as we possibly can.

Every time you imbibe La ChocoTia cacao, you are contributing to the support and well-being of indigenous communities in the rainforests of Guatemala and Peru.

May 17



Cacao Ceremony & Ceremonial Songs

Come join us in the Full Moon energy
at Sundara Yoga Shala to partake in a
Cacao Ceremony followed by Ceremonial songs and sound bath journey to TRANSPORT, RELEASE, RELAX, UPLIFT,AWAKEN, OPEN and NOURISH the Heart.

Devotional songs will be weaved in your journey.
All sound offerings intended to touch the soul.
Sonic vibrations include harmonium, frame drums, percussion, drums, guitar, bells, bowl, shakers and voice.
May it be a healing experience.





"Kirtan is a means of finding our way back to the core of our Being, to our heart, and to our connection with each other.” Ragani. Come listen, sing and drink ceremonial grade cacao on this heart-centered journey.





Bring the celebration to your community.